Pond-Cleanouts in the Spring is a dirty job! Sometimes the only way to describe the contents in a pond at the beginning of spring is YUCK!


Call Cole’s Pond Store and we will take care of all the “yuck” and leave your pond Sparkling!


A spring pond clean-out is very important for the health of your pond.  In nature ponds, streams, and lakes often flood in the spring. This is Mother Nature’s way of providing fresh water and a flushing away of excess nutrients, debris, and possible toxin buildup.


Ideally, we want the same thing to occur in our backyard water gardens.  Here is more on the clean-out process and what our crew will do for you!


  • Drain Water Feature and fill holding tank for Fish.
  • Remove Fish and Inspect
  • Remove Debris and Dead Plant Material
  • Power wash rocks and gravel, and Rinse Water Feature
  • Clean Biological and Mechanical Filter and Filter Media
  • Check Edges for Exposed Liner
  • Check and Test Pond Lighting
  • Fertilize Water Plants
  • Refill Water Feature
  • Add Water Treatments
  • Consult with Customer on any other water treatments or issues